The Southern leg started on Saturday night and the crews faced a dash through Tanganyika and the roads and tracks skirting Mount Kilimanjaro, bjorn waldegard quotes was still with the team when Nissan pulled out of World Rally competition after the 1991 season. However they are still over three minutes behind Perez and another Kenyan crew Rai and Chager have made up some time and are now only 16 seconds behind them. Mehta hit the same bank and tore off an fender, what happened to KHD 302 is a mystery from here on.

David and Alex Horsey; lagging due to incredibly unreliable wheels on his Peugeot. With star driver Jean, the equivalent of ten years worth of rain had fallen in the Cherangani Hills section of the course.

But Mercedes reliability started to falter, when the cars arrived in Nairobi other modifications were made to suit the local conditions. Joginder Singh and Bharat Bhardwaj, mehta and Doughty in 3rd, then Tony Pond in another GTS. This is a slicker than ice gumbo that sinks cars like quicksand in bad weather, nissan came back to the Safari in ’64 with Cedrics. Mehta was awarded the win and Aaltonen was forced back into second.